Thursday, May 31, 2012

Another appointment and more of my brain needing to work to get Betty to it.  Today, toenail cutting.  Trust me if there were any other way I would jump on it but Betty's nails are so thick and long it is impossible.  So, before we head north it has to be done.

Bob and I thought it through and I am going to pick her up at 1:15, bring her back here and have her soak her feet and then it is off to the doctor at 2:10.  Everything depends on getting her up and out of her house dressed.  

I get a sick stomach just thinking about it but I am letting go and letting God today.  I am going to trust in Him to get Betty on our program without a lot of fussing.  

I will repeat that over and over until I believe it!!!!

Wonder if she will wear her new shoes today?

UPDATE;  Sure enough there were several weepy calls but Betty was ready when I picked her up, wearing her new shoes but no earrings... (naked!)  The appointment went well and we went to an early dinner.  Lots of anxiety.

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  1. Yea, good to hear the day went well!!
    Take care of yourself....