Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Today is an eye appointment for Betty and fortunately the office had my number so I was able to give a heads up about Betty's cognitive issues. I think they appreciate that Betty is still among the living as she had not been for awhile and they were worried that maybe she was "gone" in one way or another.

We have some concern over seeing double.  At times when she is watching television she sees two balls during golf which is cheating....LOL!  She always mentions that it is funny that she is seeing two golf balls and I sometimes wonder whether it is because her eyes are just tired.  She has often told us that she was cross-eyed as a child and so I am wondering if when she gets weary the eyes might cross a bit.  Hopefully the eye exam will tell us.

This is also monumental because she no longer drives and her glasses were driving glasses.  Will she need new glasses that just cover the span from the couch to the television?  

Speaking of driving we were very fortunate because she gave that up so easily.  We just started driving her everywhere and she finally decided to just sell her car.  How wonderful..since according to Florida she could have driven another 4 years before renewal.  Arghhh!  

There is always the anxiety before going to appointments or out to dinner.  I call her after noon to "remind" her and I am sure there will be at least two calls about what to wear, should she shower, where are we going and possibly the ever possible excuse as to why she can't possibly go.  Hoping that today is a smooth trip.

We have just a few weeks before we leave and head for home.  Betty will be flying up with Bob's cousin and we will pick her up from their house.  My anxiety level is over the top with so much to do.  This is hard stuff and I can only hope I can do what needs to be done.  There are times when I wish I were still on pain killers for my chronic pain because I just can't use the techniques that get me through my days when my mind is filled with so much that needs to be done.  I am glad I stopped taking them, most days, but that does not mean I am not suffering.  It means that I have taken the suffering by the horns and I am doing what needs to be done.  Thank God for my TENS machine and silly games online that take my mind off it! 

Today.....the eye doctor.  
        Thank you so much for your prayers for my sweet grandson, Ethan.  Today he has been stable but the brain bleed is a concern.  God is so good and I rest in the knowledge that he is very much in control!
This is one of Ethan's older brothers, Ryan, with my middle sons fiancee, Melissa. I am so BLESSED!
Ethan today with his sweet eyes open.

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  1. Here's hoping the eye exam went well for Betty. I had to stop taking David to the eye doctor several years ago because he couldn't read the letters on the wall. It was too stressful at the time for him and me.

    Keeping Ethan in my prayers.