Sunday, May 13, 2012

Today is Mother's Day and it has never been an easy day for me.  I am not exactly sure why but it has always been a rather depressing day for me.  Maybe my feelings of shortcomings as a mom, maybe losing my mom ten years ago, the distance between my children and me or even trying to care for Bob's mom, whatever it is I feel a sense of depression.

Our plans today are the same as every Sunday.  Betty will be here and we will play cards and have dinner.  I do have to wash her hair today as I missed Thursday and also wash her bedding.  I don't mind any of just has to be done and it is.

I am worried about my daughter-in-law and her baby to be.  I worry about my son who is a  minister and trying to take care of their other three children and be with Annie all at the same time.  I worry too much and need to trust the Lord.  

I am so very blessed in so many ways.  I have wonderful children, a good husband, good friends and a loving God. So, today I promise to not wallow in depression but will work to be Ruth to my Naomi.  It may be just for today but just for today is good enough!

Tom, John, Joe, Cheryl, Jim
Josh, Caroline, Jackson, Annie & Ryan
My son John on the left
My son Chris and his fiancee Melissa

Yes indeed... I am BLESSED!

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  1. I understand your feelings on Mother's Day....I've experienced the same.

    I hope your family is doing well and the baby is waiting to be born.