Thursday, May 10, 2012

What a day!  Yesterday I made a handful of appointments for Betty; mammogram, chest x-ray, eye doctor and toenail trimming.  We were so fortunate to get the mammogram appointment for today but that always leaves me anxious as to whether we will be able to get her dressed and out of the house.

Surprise! Surprise!  I called right after noon and with my happy positive voice I said, "Hi Betty,  What are you up to?"  She responded in a positive voice so I dived in.  "You know, Bob and I will be picking you up at 2:15 instead of 3:00 because you have the mammogram appointment.  Then, right after that we will come back here and play cards and have dinner."  Talk fast, sing song and positive.  It worked!!  She only called back twice and I reminded her no deodorant.  Finally, right before pick up time I called her to remind her that she should wear her brown loafers because her tan sandals, the ones she wears every single day, broke. 

When we arrived you could see that she had been somewhat anxious but had pulled herself together.  The people at the mammogram office were wonderful and the whole appointment went well.  **Reminder to self: Call the office tomorrow and report the GOOD stuff.  She raved for a couple hours about how nice the woman was.  

We did play cards and she had her usual problems but it works out and keeps her mind working.  Dinner followed which she thanked me for about a DOZEN TIMES TWO times.  

Thank you God for the ease of this day.  Her hair did not get washed but I will do that on Sunday.  Let go of the little things.  


  1. I'm hoping I won't make you upset with me, but...... why a mammogram? Let go of the little things.....

    I'm so glad to hear the appointments went well. I learned over a period of time that the less stress for David, made life easier for me.

    One day at a time...
    Happy Mother's Day!!!

  2. I agree Delores... at some point the tests like the mammogram have to just be set aside! It was a previous issue that caused concern. When the doctor wanted her to go to the GYN Bob and I decided we just could NOT go through with that. Don't ever think that you should not write something! I treasure all of your insight... every bit!!! Thank you so much for being you!