Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A few observations;
Betty has some small motor skill limitations that we have noticed.  Getting a card into an envelope is somewhat of a challenge and she was struggling to get a birthday card into its envelope.  You can notice some frustration when it happened but she finally managed it.
I first noticed it when she was putting a stamp on an envelope and also a return sticker.  She seemed a bit hesitant as though she wasn't exactly sure where to place them.

I have also noticed that  her handwriting has gotten lighter as though she is not pressing down with the pen.  Now that Bob takes care of her bills and checking she doesn't have that much need to write precisely; a signature, an address, a list.  She does still make these little notes that she leaves all over the place yet they are rather a jumble of ideas and numbers for relatives.  One day when I asked what one list meant she said she was trying to get her brain "right" and that she tests herself.

Betty has always been a very precise person and that was one of the reasons that she fought so hard and got so upset when she was making a mess of her checkbook.  The white out all over her figures and forgetting to write down a check number was really upsetting for her.

I have her calendars for the last few years and they tell her story more clearly than I could ever tell.  I really will try to scan them so that I can post them for comparison.  It is such a stark difference.  Her small neat handwriting so clear and precise; times of appointments, visiting relatives, golf outings, birth dates and sometimes even phone calls.  Even notes found around the house show an almost OCD like recording of every day life.  Pat called; 9:20 talked until 9:46.  Called Bob; 8:00 talked until 8:16 about work and what they had for dinner.  Her books, diaries, are filled with a precise narrative of times, activities and stories that may or may not be true.  (I say this now because it is clear that some of her stories are embellished.)

Her calendar now is a mess of white out and cross out.  I try to get her the erasable RED pens, red as she seems to see it best, but she cannot retain that they have an eraser.  I purchased a great calendar for Betty for Christmas and she seems to use it quite well by looking at her digital clock and tearing off the top sheet.   I added it to my Amazon widget at the bottom right hand column.

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