Sunday, May 6, 2012

I have not written about Betty's family.  Betty is 89 and was the first girl in a family of six.  There were two boys older than her, then a brother, followed by two girls.  Until last summer all her siblings were alive. We received a call last summer that Priscilla, her youngest sister had died.  Poor Priscilla had struggled with a husband who had dementia and due to an illness she passed away just months after getting her husband into a home.  Three, the oldest two brothers and her next to youngest sister, all have/had symptoms of dementia.  Her oldest brother, Fred, is 91 and lives in a Veteran's Home in Nevada for memory care.  Her brother Don passed away two months ago just a few months after being put into a veteran's home in Massachusetts.  She has a sister Jean in assisted living in AZ so we do not know her condition other than she has dementia.   Really that leaves her brother Paul and my understanding is that he too is having memory issues and is repeating a lot.  

Don had an autopsy done but I am not sure the results are in as yet.  It will be interesting to see what kind of dementia he had.  Hard to believe that a whole family could have dementia.  Betty's mother had hardening of the arteries.  Her father had signs of dementia but at the time they called it senility.

If I were one of their children would I get a test?  I can't say.  My mother had ovarian and breast cancer but I have not gotten a test.  

Our good health is precious!

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  1. Oh how true, our good health is so precious,,,