Friday, May 25, 2012

So many plans need to be made.  In just seventeen days we will head back to Massachusetts to ready the house for Betty's three month stay with us.  So many issues cloud my thinking that I can hardly remember what has to be done.  Mail, cable, stop trash, clothes to pack, what to ship, fridges emptied, oh the list goes on and on.  

I know I have done this over and over but I am telling you it is overwhelming.  It has become increasingly difficult to get Betty to pack and leave her things in the suitcase.  I get her to lay things out on the bed and then to get them folded into the suitcase.  I write down what she has packed and check off the list. Last year we even took her suitcase out of the house except for one and she still left things behind that had been packed up.

There is her medication, glasses, shoes, jacket, purse and toiletries.  They go in the bags out of the bags and back in.  I have a list with check marks and BIG notes that explain what is packed.  NONE of it works of course and the anxiety it causes me is multiplied twenty fold for her.

So, I have held my whine party and now I am going to go about building my lists.  If there were other options... but there are not. 
I'll be happy when I get home to my flower boxes and birds!
All my little Massachusetts friends..


  1. I'm confused (doesn't take much to confuse my little brain).....I thought you, Bob and Betty lived in Florida. Why are you going to Mass....sorry..... I'm a bit nosy...

    Anyway, it sounds like a lot of work and confusion for you....sorry!

  2. Bob and I have our main home in Mass. Betty and her husband moved south about 26 years ago. Every summer they would travel north and stay for three months at Bob's niece's house and then head back here after the HOT weather passed. When Bob's dad passed away in 2004 Betty continued coming up north because it is so hot. We started noticing that her memory was not up to par and so a few years back we started renting an apartment 10 minutes from Betty's house. We still have our home up north and rent this apartment. Our original plan was to come down here and spend the winter here to help Betty. Then we realized her memory issues were getting worse so it has now become a yearly trek. It is so hot here in the summer... even now and we don't like it! Plus, the mice take up residence in our condo up north when we are not there. So, there is always all of that to deal with. I don't think you are nosy at all... just wanting "the rest of the story" LOL!!! We don't have a long term plan... I mean really long term. We are working on it but so far we head north. Don't know how long Betty will want to continue. Her family is really all back up north. Bob's sister is in NY and then she has other family nearer to where we live. I think this summer we plan to look at a couple assisted living places up there.

  3. Thanks for sharing ...... it sure sounds like a lot of work for you and your husband.

    I would agree that looking at assisted living homes is the way to go. If Betty goes down rapidly like David has, there would be know way she could live alone.
    Good luck and prayers being sent your way...