Sunday, June 17, 2012

I am back home and getting ready for Betty's arrival.  The phone calls are hard as she is quite distressed back in FL but we are almost there, tomorrow she flies north.

Purchased some new undies, deodorant, toothpaste and shampoo so when she arrives hopefully she will feel at home.  I am washing the undies and putting them into the drawer under the old ones in hopes of them going unnoticed.  It is very funny how small changes are just not accepted. 

The day before we left was a very bad one.  Confusion about where she was, where she is going, how she is getting there, etc.  Then, there have been the daily calls full of anxiety.  It seems that I am able to calm her down but there is no telling how long that lasts once we hang up.

These pictures show some of the preparation I went to to make this as easy as possible for Betty.

So, all the clothes I sent were pressed, hung and photographed.
Betty has a list of what was sent and a photo next to the words.
We packed her suitcase with all of the rest of her clothes and made a list of what was packed.  Then I left notes that said Betty you are all packed!  I set up her flying clothes, earrings, shoes, etc.  Set them apart so that she can see them easily.

 Betty would look at the calendar and start to worry that she would have things to do and I would remind her to look at the printouts and see what "we" had already done.  As usual I tried my hardest to let her think she was ever so helpful.  It is so hard for her to think she has to depend on someone to help her.

We washed her sheets and as many clothes as I could get my hands on so that she started the week with clean clothes and bed.  I also washed her hair on Sunday and will do it as soon as she arrives.

The truth is I am overwhelmed and even more so now that we are here with water leaking from the shower upstairs and the toilets doing their leaky thing... (clean water thank God!)  We were able to visit with Josh, Annie and the kids yesterday.  

This is hard for me so I know it is a hard transition for Betty.  We pray that she will adjust quickly and feel comfortable here for the summer.

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