Sunday, September 14, 2014

It has been an interesting week here in la la land.  Betty is in one of her moods...bad.  If you say anything she deems as a "slight" of any kind she JUMPS all over you.  Thank you God she doesn't literally JUMP me, the verbal jump is enough.  I finally said yesterday, "Betty, you can go to nasty pretty darn fast for someone who is 91."  She said, "Oh, I'll show you nasty!"  HAAAAAA!!!  Made me laugh out loud.  She has not lost any of that side of her... quick draw nasty.  

I am thankful that her hairdresser is back home from her summer trip up north.  Here are before and after pic's.  I am telling you she looks 10 years younger!



What a huge difference it makes, even to her attitude!  Well, most of the time.  LOL!!  Nothing is easy with this disease.  First there is the washing of the hair.  You must try to convince her that it has been awhile.  Try telling someone it has been over a week who believes she washed it yesterday, herself.

I bought some disposable wash cloths and they can be heated in the microwave so they are toasty warm.  I just  went up behind her and washed her back with one and then handed her one.. saying, "Give yourself a little wash down with this before you put on that clean shirt to go over to Janet's for your haircut.  She acted as though she has had one of these washcloths forever.. washed right up.   So, there is another thing to be thankful for!

I am also thankful for my little "studio" in our bedroom where I can go and make cards and play with ink.   The hardest part is my startle reflex and that Betty won't knock, she just walks in.  I have a lot of coloring out of the lines... waaaay out!  LOL  I can't imagine she ever walked into a room without knocking before, so this is something she has lost with the dementia.  Social skills.  EXCEPT, THANK YOU!

Have you ever been thanked too much?  Well, 15 thank you's during dinner is a bit much when the thanker expects the thanked to respond with, "you are welcome!"  LOL  Bob and I tag team now.  *smile*

All in all, another week in la la land is about to begin!

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  1. Hi there! I found this blog from your card blog that I found from SCS!! LOL!!! Just wanted to say that God will bless you for what you are doing for your MIL! It really is an honor to have the opportunity to be a caregiver. Doesn't make it any less hard knowing that though. The main advice I could give anyone that is going through this is to look for the humor every day. Even if it is just a little spark, grab it and laugh at yourself and with her. The day will come that you will actually miss the nasty in a way. Because the complete silence is deafening. When you know she is in there somewhere but no one else can see it. I thought about a blog but never did it. I tried to journal but didn't follow through. This blog will be your therapy in addition to the card making. And please find some time away even for just a moment. It does wonders....You will be in my prayers...