Friday, December 27, 2013

I am sorry that the quality of this picture is not great because it is such a wonderful picture of Bob comforting his mom while she was sundowning and became very confused.  

We were at her niece's home for Christmas Eve dinner and it was just us and her niece's husband and their 44 year old son.. very low key.  I watched as the look came over Betty when she gets confused and agitated.  Bob got up from his chair and walked over and sat next to Betty and answered her questions about where she was.

When we were getting ready to leave for the three minute drive back to the house Betty was searching for her things as though she had been living with Paula.  For the time we were there she enjoyed herself until the sundowning came over her.

One thing I have not mentioned is that we came to live with Betty on the 16th.  It has been rough but has shown some signs of becoming our new normal.  I told Bob it would not be long before she would think she is visiting us not us in her house.  There have been glimmers of that already.

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