Friday, July 20, 2012

I'm feeling overwhelmed by everything today.   So much so that I almost just published those six words as my blog entry.

Betty went to visit her niece for a Friday, Saturday and came home Sunday two weeks ago.  During the night she got up and hit her leg on something, in the dark room and pushed her skin back on her left leg.  Her niece heard whimpering, which is what Betty does when she gets frustrated or upset, and when she went into the room Betty's leg was all bloody.

So, when she brought her home I started bandaging it as I have had to do many times.  By the week-end it was getting redder so on Tuesday we took her to a walk-in clinic where she has visited before when she was up north visiting.  They gave her a prescription for antibiotics and marked it so that we could tell if the redness expands.

It does seem to be getting a bit better but I will be sending her off to her daughters with all of her bandages.  Betty will be going tomorrow to stay a week.  Lots of stress today as I have attempted to have her change out of her soiled clothes so that I could wash them for her trip.  She put the dirty ones back in her drawer which she has been doing but insists that she NEVER would put soiled clothes back in with the clean ones.  I finally said, "Betty since you do realize your memory is not what it was maybe you need to trust someone, Bob or me, to help you keep track."  I asked her to please put on her denim shorts with a t-shirt. Please.  Fifteen minutes later down she comes wearing the soiled ones.  There was no good morning hug for me and no small talk repeating.  

So, I am tired.  Tired of having to cajole and tired of trying to do any of this.  I need the week off.  If all goes according to plan Bob and I will be arguing before we pull away!  That seems to be our pattern now. Fighting. Arguing.  I am just tired.  Went to the doctor myself this week where I was told my blood pressure was 140/90.  I have gained 40 pounds in three years.  The doctor prescribed Cymbalta for my pain and depression but at $41.00 a month is it worth the effort?

While I sit here typing this all of these poor people have been shot and killed and injured in Colorado.  I should just be thankful for the many blessings I do have.  

I have too many things to do today to get bogged down over a dirty short set.  I have to convince Betty that I need to wash her hair and then I have to help her get packed.  An all day project.

This is my mom who passed away in 2002
I wish I could call her right now!

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  1. I'm hoping and praying you've succeeded in getting Betty off to visit someone else for a week. You deserve a nice break. Take care of yourself, this caregiving for an Alzheimer's patient is so very hard!!!!!!!!
    Hugs and prayers.