Saturday, April 28, 2012

The naming of a blog...
I have always admired Ruth in the Bible. In the Old Testament the book of Ruth Chapter 1: 1 - 22.  Book of Ruth

To make a long story short Naomi's husband dies leaving her a widow and then her sons die leaving their two wives.  Naomi tells her daughters-in-law to go back to their homes and while Orpah can't get away fast enough Ruth begs her mother-in-law to let her stay with her.  I admit it... I AM ORPAH!  See ya!  Poof!  Gone!  See this dust?  

I have been married three times.  My mothers-in-law never liked me.  I seemed to marry men whose mothers wanted better for their sons and so we were cordial but never best of friends.  Betty was no different.  She was never all that happy to share her son and I seem to recall he called and asked her permission to marry me.  Hmmm... what would have happened if she said, "No!"  The day of our wedding she had an anxiety attack and spent 1/2 hour behind the building so no one would see her.  

Anyway, now I am Betty's caretaker and although she is nothing but sweet and huggie and has all good things to say about me... I am no Ruth!  A perfect example of the fine line I walk, last night I opened her bedside drawer trying to find her misplaced tweezers and she told me that no one was to go through her things.  With tone! LOL  I do try very hard to not invade her private space but there are times when I must.  

So, for today, I continue the journey with Betty, trying to help her through her day while trying to stay sane, kind and away from cookies.  (Not necessarily in that order!)

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